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How does coaching work?

Coaching is not advice. Coaching is a transformative experience that can help you build the skills you need to reach your potential. In my experience, every client has a differ​ent reason for working with a coach​, but they are all able to build their own internal compass to make decisions necessary to realize life they want to live. 

Hear directly from my clients on their experience working with me:

STEP 1: 
You're Stuck

We'll start wherever you are right now. We'll dive deeper into your experience today to explore what's working, what's not, and what needs to change.

Unfulfilled or burned out?

"I experienced burnout and was really hungry to find a more sustainable and fulfilling direction for my career. I had no sense of direction and I realized that the approach I've taken to seeking fulfillment throughout my career to this point was not going to work."

Uninspired or unsure?

"I entered into my coaching experience feeling stuck, uninspired, and unsure of myself and where I was headed. I knew I would benefit from a challenge and growth opportunity, but didn't have a clear vision of what change looked like for me."

STEP 2: 
Find Your Clarity

This step is about defining your values so you can make decisions and take action with clarity and commitment.

Pre-Program Questionnaire

"Before starting coaching, I was curious what level of self-awareness I would need to show up with. When I received the pre-coaching reflection questions, I felt a lot more prepared to show up ready to explore different topics."

Sharpen Your Self-Awareness

"I was hesitant to try coaching because I thought you needed to know exactly what you wanted and who you wanted to be. From the beginning, Jerod created a safe environment through his thoughtful questions, open and curious nature, and warm and accepting approach."

STEP 3: 
Insights in Action

This is the time to experiment and grow. Take action and build your leadership skills. If you get stuck again, we keep learning and move forward.

Make Decisions Right for You

"I've experienced more self-assuredness and more willingness to STOP pursuing what I know won't meet my needs. I  used to wrestle with decisions and saying "no" to the wrong opportunities has never been easier. I've never been able to release so much pressure from career decisions."

Break Personal Barriers

"When I felt stuck or unsure, Jerod's perceptive and insightful observations and questions guided me through the haze. His astute and witty metaphors helped give shape and language to the sometimes amorphous ideas I was struggling with."

STEP 4: 
Lead Your Life

Transformation takes a lot of effort - but the pay-off is life that is decisive, clear, and true to who you are. From here, you can follow your own lead. 

Clarity + Fulfillment

"After coaching with Jerod, I feel much more in-tune with what matters most to me. The path forward seems much more clear and it's hard for me to overstate the comfort and confidence that clarity has driven in me.


I've been able to simplify and identify what I look for from my career so that it fits the lifestyle I know will make me happy. I feel so much better equipped to look for what I need and limit what I consider, which is something I've always struggled to do."

Confidence + Vitality

"Through our work together, I have developed a clearer, more confident awareness of what's important to me and what role I want to play in my family and community. Jerod helped me uncover patterns and connect the dots to identify the areas of my life that give me strength, peace, and clarity and explore how to introduce that vitality to other more challenging areas. I feel like I have the tools and confidence I need to continue the exploration and growth I started during my work with Jerod."

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