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Programs Designed for YOU

It's time to escape the whirlpool of indecision.

Coaching is a flexible approach that puts you at the center. We can design a coaching experience that meets your needs exactly where you are. In fact, your first session is free so you can see if coaching is a good fit for you.


If you catch yourself saying "I'll try coaching when..." – that moment is right now.

Offerings: Packages & Rates



What's Included

  • Ideal for folks at a decision-making crossroads, including: new career, new job, new city, and other life transitions

  • Craft a values rolodex for decision-making

  • Define your personal balance for work, life, and everything else

  • 6 hour-long coaching sessions, every two weeks via Zoom
$900 or $300 / month



What's Included

  • Ideal for: burnout recovery, fostering creativity, finding motivation, navigating uncertainty

  • Co-create personal strategies for wellbeing

  • Build for self-sufficiency after the program

  • 12 hour-long coaching sessions, every two weeks via Zoom

$1800 or $300 / month



What's Included

  • Ideal for:  integrating social justice into everyday life, building leadership skills for impact, and mitigating burnout

  • Use disruption as a design tool for personal and social good

  • Define your activism and personal leadership model

  • 12 hour-long coaching sessions, every two weeks via Zoom

$1800 or $300 / month

Low-bono and pro-bono rates are available. I believe that everyone deserves to work with a coach, so if you are unsure about the cost, email me at

What Clients Say...

"Jerod is so deeply empathetic, trustworthy, caring, and emotionally intelligent that you'd be hard-pressed to find someone as well equipped to help you find your authentic path and the courage to pursue it."
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